Tuesday, March 17, 2015

two 1970s crib quilts

Two 1970s crib quilts arrived with the lot from Ann Arbor, Michigan last week, the same lot with the "Ribbon Quilt" seen in an earlier blog post. The first crib quilt is mostly polyester double knit, and it was made in a simple, improvisational style. A few interesting fabrics, including a cheater print.

The second is all cotton and cotton blend prints...a happy little fabric lover's quilt. There were also two doll size quilts, but I still have to photograph them. I love crib and doll quilts because they are made to be used and do not always survive.

In other periods, they are scarce and highly collectible. The crib quilts of the 1970s have flown under the radar, and are still very reasonably priced, so I tend to pick them up when I see them.


  1. These are sweet quilts! My mother used to make crib quilts in the 1970s and I wish we still had some of them. They are floating out there somewhere in the universe, hopefully being appreciated and loved by someone :)

  2. We have a couple of crib quilts made by my husband's grandma. I so thankful they survived the use with our kids and can be passed down to their kids. We even have one she made for my husband. After visiting your blog I'm always inspired to get to quilting again.

  3. I can identify the cat and giraffe/animal square, and a pear square, and a mushroom square, but that grey one in the upper right is really mystifying me, what is that?!

    1. That fabric is upside-down. It is urns and pitchers with flowers. :)

  4. I love these!! Love the colors and the sentiment. :)

  5. I love the second quilt. When I was little I used to trace the different patterns on a patchwork quilt I owned, and I can see a child doing the same for this one.