Sunday, March 1, 2015

QuiltCon Photos! #PMQG

Three layers of PMQG, ribbons made by Elizabeth Hartman
Giveaway Quilt pieced by Jen Carlton-Bailey
vintage 1970s quilt display by me 
It was great to be part of such a strong guild as an attendee at QuiltCon 2015 in Austin. Portland Modern Quilt Guild was just about everywhere, especially the winner's circle! "The Dishes Can Wait" by Rachel Kerley of Hillsboro won second place in the appliqué category. Rachel had four quilts in the show, and I managed to get pictures of three. Her quilt "I'm a Fan of Fabric" was sold! PMQG was part of every winner at the show, as Elizabeth Hartman made all the gorgeous ribbons. Saw her there briefly, I think she was busy teaching a lot of the time.

"The Dishes Can Wait" 2nd Place Appliqué by Rachel Kerley, PMQG
"Bowls and Balls 2" by Rachel Kerley
"I'm a Fan of Fabric" by Rachel Kerley, PMQG - SOLD!!
a dreamy-eyed Rachel receives her award
"Spiced Chai Quilt" by Katie Blakesley, PMQG
Katie Blakesley is a new member of the guild. She has co-authored a book called "Vintage Quilt Revival: 22 Modern Designs from Classic Blocks" with Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones. Her quilt "Spiced Chai" was in the show, and her vintage inspiration was evident in her stunning quilt.

Jen Carlton-Bailey's work was also very much present. She pieced the magnificent Giveaway Quilt, which was displayed near the Best in Show and my exhibit, near the entrance. Jen's gorgeous "Capsule" quilt, which was quilted by Nancy Stovall and appeared on the cover of Modern Patchwork last Spring, was also in the show.

"Capsule" by Jen Carlton-Bailey, PMQG
Susan Beal was also present, teaching and lecturing. I attended her lecture about documenting modern quilts, and she did a beautiful job. We had discussed quilt documentation at length in the past, and she remembered everything we talked about, and more! Plus, she included images of quilts from my collection and told their stories. I was really proud of Susan, and PMQG, for being the first to document Modern quilts.
This quilt from my collection was part of Susan Beal's lecture.
She used it as an example of the importance of documentation and
saving our quilts' stories. The maker of the quilt is unknown.
It was thrilling to represent Portland Modern Quilt Guild, reportedly the largest Modern Quilt Guild local/chapter group in the world, with a special exhibit of 1970s quilts called "Modern Materials, Quilts of the 1970s". If you have followed my blog, you probably saw the photos already, but if not, keep scrolling through the blog posts over the last couple weeks and you'll find them.

There were 20 quilts in the special exhibit, and I gave tours on three days, plus two lectures. It was a phenomenal experience, and at certain points I could be seen wearing my sky blue PMQG T-shirt from Phantom Chicken, PMQG member Gail Weiss ("the Hexie Queen") and her husband Gregg.

There were several other guild members in attendance. and I stopped to chat whenever I recognized someone from the guild. There may have been other people and other quilts I missed, but I included as much as possible in this blog post. Next year's event will be held in Pasadena - west coast!! - so we can certainly look forward to another great showing from Portland Modern Quilt Guild. 

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