Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Airing of the Quilts: My Display

c. 1870

In case you missed the display at the "Airing of the Quilts" last weekend,  here are pictures of all the quilts I displayed. Enjoy!!

c. 1860
c. 1840
c. 1880
dated 1868
c. 1825
c. 1850
c. 1760
c. 1815


  1. They're beautiful, Bill! How did you come across the one from 1760? That is quite a find!

    1. A Facebook friend had it, and it took a little persuading to get her to sell it, but she eventually did. She found it at an auction, I think in Pennsylvania.

  2. Wait . . these are aged quilts that you personally own?!

  3. It's an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing with those of us that couldn't be there alive and in person.

  4. I attended Airing of the Quilts last week and it was heaven. Bill's display was amazing as was Bill in person. How fortunate we are to live in Bill's community!