Monday, March 23, 2015

Pictures: Airing of the Quilts Lecture

The Best by Yvonne Porcella, 2014
I may have missed a few, but here are most of the quilts I showed during my Masterpiece Quilts lecture at the Airing of the Quilts on Saturday. In random order, kind of how I presented them.
c. 1950s top / spread
c. 1970s crazy quilt
c. 1940s Cups and Saucers
c. 1930s Double Wedding Ring
c. 1880s Tree quilt
c. 1840s Prince's Feather
c. 1825 crib quilt
c. 1890s Snake Trail Fans
Cross Currents Study #2, Andrea Balosky, 1994

American Legion Auxiliary Quilt, 1931, Salem, Oregon
1830s pieced top
c. 1900 Amish crib quilt
Amish Tumbling Blocks, c. 1940, Lidian Hostetler, Ohio
2014 Portland Modern Quilt Guild Medallion / PMQG Officers
Klee, 1973 by Marsha McCloskey
Layered Fans, c. 1920, New York
Pictorial, c. 1930, Ohio
Bible Story, 1979, by Lucy Mingo
appliqué top, c. 1930s
Friendship Quilt, West Fir, Oregon, c. 1950s
"Hoot Hoot!" c. 1970s Owls
c. 1870s Four-Block
Flower Garden quilt, a Ruby McKim design, c. 1930s
Tango Garden, 2012 by Jean Wells Keenan


  1. You have a Jean Wells! How did I not know that?

    1. It was part of the "Small Wonders" challenge at the 2012 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and was a ribbon winner for best use of color. That was the challenge I entered to surprise my mother...the one in which I got the Viewer's Choice ribbon my first time showing a quilt.

  2. Was a great lecture and show! My favorite is the red and white Prince's Feather, followed by the 70's crazy quilt!

    1. Afterwards I was thinking of how much of a spectacle it must've been to see these large quilts being unfolded and filingl the front of the room.

  3. What a wonderful peek at an impressive collection there's such a great variety represented here!

    1. Usually, I present quilts in much more of a linear, chronological order. It was fun to be a little more adventurous and spontaneous. Many of these quilts had not been part of any of my lectures before, so it was something a little different. That worked well, since there were people in the audience who have attended my lectures before.

  4. The 1930s pictorial guilt is amazing. I've been thinking about using traditional patchwork to develop a scene myself. What great inspiration. Thank you Bill!

  5. Hello Bill ! I'm French and I saw on Lori's blog a ......boutis ? The big one in white ! Our grandmothers made them in Provence....but maybe I'm wrong.
    Thank you for sharing these awesome quilts ! :)

  6. I love that double wedding ring quilt!

  7. OOOhhhh it's a toss up between the crazy quilt and tango garden for me!