Monday, March 2, 2015

QuiltCon Photos!! (2)

"Eggs and Darts" by Amanda Leins, Gansevoort, NY
I got to meet Mandy, and she's wonderful. Her first book
drops later this year. Can't wait!!
Last week, I posted a lot of pictures of QuiltCon on Facebook, and wanted to share them here, too. I have received a lot of positive comments about including the artists' information with the pictures of their quilts. Thank you, but isn't that the right way? random order and not really considering the awards, here are just a few of the juried quilts that caught my eye at QuiltCon. Enjoy!

"Welcome to Colorful Colorado" by Katie Larson, Kansas City MQG
"Score for Modern Block Improv" by Sherri Lynn Wood, Oakland, CA
(my jaw was on the floor!)
"Self Portrait, Year Two (Beneath the Surface)"
by Penny Gold, Galesburg, Illinois
this quilt stunned everyone, amazing!
"Fractured Triangles" by Paula Leber, Kansas City MQG
"You Can't Rush Art" by Amanda Jean Nyberg, Clearwater, MN
"Holt Sh*t Sherlock" by Kristy Daum, St. Louis MQG
a crowd favorite
"Bauble" by Emily Cier, Seattle MQG
"Off Centre" by Andreas Rosales, Los Angeles MQG
"North Alabama Hillsides" by Cathy Fussell, Columbus, Georgia
"Shifting Impressions" by Marianne Haak, Edmonton MQG
"Score For Bias Strip Petals: Daisy" by Sherri Lynn Wood, Oakland, CA
"Lite Brite" by Maria Shell, Anchorage, Alaska
"Lowcountry" by members of the Charleston MQG; Phoebe Harrell, President
"Central Jersey MQG Banner"
by members of the Central Jersey MQG
I wanted to buy it
"Yin Yang" by Serena Brooks, Los Angeles MQG
"Face 1" by Melissa Averinos, West Barnstable, MA
worth a close look, an amazing quilt
"This Way" by Tricia Royal, Chicago MQG
someone pointed out how brilliant it was that the arrow to the right
was pointing at the award
"Lost and Found in Translation" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, New York, NY
a thrill to see a VFW masterpiece up close
"Score for Strings: City" by Sherri Lynn Wood, Oakland, CA
(can you tell I really loved her work?? later, I found out she is friends
with Joe Cunningham and Roderick Kiracofe - I had a feeling!)
"The Conan Quilt" by Allison Chambers, San Antonio, TX
Best in Show - "i Quilt" by Kathy York, Austin MQG
a quintessential 21st century quilt
That's 22 of the juried quilts, and I have some more photos, enough for another blog post. So, I will try to post again soon! 


  1. Thanks for the eyes for those of us who couldn't be there! Great stuff.

  2. Wonderful , truly amazing and so colorful!!!!!

  3. wow! i had no idea quilts could even look like this (that sounds dumb to say, but i never considered it). love the colorado quilt near the top. it's beautiful!

    1. Modern quilting is kind of a new thing. It grew out of an online community of likeminded individuals who wanted to make quilts for the modern home. The domestic roots have evolved to include other types of quilts, and the quilts are simply stunning. Glad you enjoyed them.

  4. Small correction: Low Country was a group quilt of the Charleston MQG whose president was Phoebe Harrell.

    1. Got it, thank you so much. Congratulations on an incredible quilt!

  5. These are stunning! I am moved by so many of them. Thank you for sharing, Bill!

  6. I am constantly throwing around the idea of making a quilt for my daughter. That triangle one!! And Sherlock...for real. That's amazing. I feel like Jimmy Fallon needs to highlight that one.

  7. I really loved the second one. It was very "Pacific NW." I am SO fascinated by these quilts! They are so stunning and not something I had ever really imagined could be put on a quilt. I'm so glad you are sharing all of these!

  8. I am so blown away by these quilts! I loooove modern quilts, and have plans to start quilting again soon, swoon!

  9. Bill, I am just blown away by these amazing quilts and am so thrilled to learn about contemporary quilts. Just amazing and your blog has most certainly already expanded my horizon tremendously. Thank you!