Monday, January 14, 2013

Why Quilts Matter - January Blog

My January "Why Quilts Matter" guest blog is now available for viewing, and this month's topic is the Willow Tree Quilt. I discovered the quilt just around the time I traveled to the quilt conference in Williamsburg, where several of the speakers talked about whitework in its many forms. So, of course I had to have it! This quilt is what you might call "trapunto" or "stuffed work" - it was quilted and then stuffed through small openings on the reverse side. After the willow tree piqued my curiosity about symbolism, I found much more than I expected.

In the blog, I talk a little bit about the Jazz classic "Willow Weep for Me" - the song going through my head as I wondered about the true meaning of this quilt. Listen to my friend Jeanie Bryson's version of the song as you read along. To read all about the Willow Tree Quilt  - click here!

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