Monday, January 14, 2013

She Only Comes Out at Night

So far, life with Little Lulu has been interesting. She only comes out at night. Is she a Maneater?

"Oh here she comes!"

Little Lulu stays under the bed all day, and just when I'm ready to go to sleep, she gets up on the bed and wants me to pet her and play. LOL! It's been a game the last few nights, but last night I shook things up and went downstairs for a while. She followed. She even got up on the couch. While she was downstairs, she explored, and had some of the food I'd left downstairs. There's also food upstairs - she didn't eat much the first day, so I put food in a couple places. She was up and down and all around, chirping at me the whole time. I had to try to take pictures.

Lulu didn't like the flash! So I tried hand-holding the camera - a little jiggly, but you get the idea. What a mysterious little beauty! I shouldn't say little, because I can already tell she's going to be bigger than Boo was. She's got bigger paws and ears already, and is a lot more long-bodied and leggy.

She has golden eyes with maybe a hint of green, a very soft, silky coat, all black, and she has some interesting mannerisms. When I pet her, she sits fully upright and even looks up at the ceiling, as if she's stretching toward the sky. Incredible posture! She chirps more than she meows. Her legs seem unusually long, probably because she's still just a kitten, and her tail is always up with some sort of funny bend, either in the middle or at the tip. That is, when she's not under the bed.

I'm even roasting a chicken to lure her out...but so far, she's holding court under the bed.

Now that we've had an excursion to the downstairs, I think we're starting to make some progress. I should probably be careful what I wish for. She's a Lulu! Oh well, I guess I'll see her at bedtime.


  1. Lulu is beautiful! I bet it doesn't take long before she's everywhere.

  2. It sounds as if Lulu has some Siamese in her--the crook in the tail, her long legs and posture, and her "chirping." I have a black kitty that definitely has the same Siamese characteristics. They are very companionable!

  3. oh Bill, I think she has your number!

  4. LOL, the thing she doesn't know is she's living with the cat whisperer. She came down about an hour ago and is on my lap. Was bouncing around like a jumping bean for a while. :)

  5. I wouldn't count my cat-dominance until I was surer, were I you.

    owned by a terrier,

  6. Sounds like she's doing just fine! BTW, the straight up tail with a little curve...aka the "question mark tail" is the Happy Tail in cat body language.

  7. After looking at all the pics, I agree that you have a Siamese mix Bill. The chirping thing is Siamese-y and the tail almost-kink. Many Siamese have that rear end higher thing too. Congrats--Siamese-y mixes are great. My Cleo lived to almost 20 and was the smartest cat I ever had. She could pick up a quarter with her front paws and present it to you (when she wanted to) and she loved throw-and-fetch. Try some throw-and-fetch and reward with treats--you might have a performer in the family.

    1. I've been away from the house most of the day and into the night for the last couple days. Friend's father had a heart attack, and I've been with the family at the hospital. When I've gotten home, LIttle Lulu has been out and about, bouncing back and forth, up and down, and al around. I think we might have another "Annabelle" (Tonya Ricucci's mischievous cat) on our hands. She removed one of the button covers from the very expensive all-in-one remote control, knocked my iPhone and dock off my desk, and batted my Rolex around. What a piece of work she is! Will try fetch. She loves the toy mouse on the wire/wand.

  8. My boy cat Diego Pavlova chirrups away all the time. Very talkative & weirdly I am starting to differentiate the meanings. LOL
    She looks lovely, enjoy her.