Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Interesting Month

April began with the arrival of two Godey's Lady's Books
April was an interesting month, and it's no surprise to learn it was also a record-setting month at Wonkyworld. According to the Blogger statistics, the blog had 7,165 views during the month of April, the most ever. Prior to that, the record was 7,079 views in June, 2011. Well done, readers! And thank you!!

The month began with the arrival of two Godey's Lady's Books, discovered by my mother in Maine. Mom runs a community tag sale every other year, and sometimes the most interesting things walk through the doors. She contributed $5 apiece for these two books, and when I told her they might be valuable, she said maybe she should put in another $5 for each. What a riot!

A new quilt by Lori DeJarnatt arrived around the same time. The quilt came from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, and Lori had made it after a difficult period with her mother, who has Alzheimer's. The quilt is called "No Rhyme or Reason" and it's one of the things that inspired me to try making quilts.

Could my first experiments making quilts be the reason why so many people visited my blog in April? I wish! The blog entry I wrote about my first completed quilt had the most views of the posts I wrote about making quilts, and it was only #5 on the list for the month.

"Bursting With Joy" by Terry Knott
So what was #1? The entry about the Clark County Quilters Show, and it's no surprise. Everyone was buzzing about the show and how great it was this year. One of my favorite quilts was "Bursting with Joy" by Terry Knott. The quilt is elaborately free-motion quilted with brightly colored thread on black. It took more than 400 hours to create, and was inspired by the news that Knott would be a first-time grandmother. An extraordinary quilt, made even better by the story behind it.

"Julie Silber" - my third completed quilt
April had everything from Godey's to Alzheimer's quilts to Terry Knott's masterpiece, and it was impossible to not be inspired by it all. So, what did I do? I started making quilts. In the first two weeks I produced several small quilts, including my first quilt, which will eventually go to AAQI. One quilt that  seems to be leading me down a new path is called "Julie Silber". Julie's birthday was the day I was making the quilt, so I had to name it in her honor. There's something I like very much about this quilt. I want to do more like it.

So, now that we're into May already, there's a new Quilt of the Month on my web site. This month's quilt is called "Wild Thing" and I've blogged about it here in the past, so it's a flashback. If you're a fan of The Troggs, make sure to click the link to hear their famous party anthem while looking at the quilt. Enjoy!

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  1. I for one am glad April is behind us! Congrats on quilt number 3 and terrific blogging stats!!
    Thanks again for purchasing my AAQI quilt.