Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playing with Prairie Points

Prairie points are kinda fun, if you like ironing!
On Facebook, there is a wonderful group called "Quilts- Vintage and Antique" where than more than 500 members read about quilts and post pictures of them. It's a virtual museum, but it's so much more. Just a great open dialogue. If someone posts a picture with a question, it's likely an expert will chime in quickly. We "oooh and ahhh" over masterpieces, and giggle about the quirkies.

Marjorie Childress' quilt, c. 1960s
Recently, Marjorie Childress posted a picture of a marvelous, offbeat quilt with rows of prairie points. Just before she posted the pictures, she'd been half-jokingly lamenting the feeling of being completely outclassed by the group, and this group routinely comes up with one jaw-dropping masterpiece after another. The tables turned as soon as we all saw this quilt. Everyone was raving about it. I said I'd buy it, and Roderick Kiracofe said there would have to be an auction. Obviously, a bunch of us were coveting it.

Flower Power and Pocketed Prairie Points
It's not hard to see why we were all going ga-ga over it. Then, we found out there was another one, the quilt's fraternal twin, sold to Marjorie by the same seller. We haven't seen pictures yet, but I'm already green with envy. That's why I decided it would be fun to play with prairie points. Maybe I could use the idea in a quilt somehow. Making prairie points is great fun, if you like ironing. I didn't think I liked ironing much, but have come to enjoy it. A hot iron with a lot of steam is a good thing when making prairie points. If you're interested in giving it a try, check out this tutorial. I watched it, and was off to a running start.

So I'm not sure what I'll make, but I hope it's half as great as Marjorie's quilt. And Marjorie, I was serious...if you want to sell it, you know where to find me...(call me!)


  1. Wow, I can see why everyone was coveting this quilt! It is bright, beautiful and unique. Although, I must say that I don't think I would go so far as to like ironing... hehehe... Good luck on getting Marjorie to sell it!

  2. yeah, I love that vintage prairie point quilt too. part of its charm is that wild print sashing fabric and the irregular sizes of the big blocks. for me at least. the originals are a bit more peaky or spikey than traditional praries so they look like sharks' teeth.

  3. Willy, there's a great technique for making strings of prairie points. It makes it easy to put them in as a finish on your quilt, or add them as an accent to the binding. LMK if you want to know the technique.

  4. Yup ... slobbering. Fabulous quilt, Marjorie.
    My grandmother added teensy prairie points of silk, edging my favorite pillow.
    Loved to shreds.
    I think I need lessons from Paula.