Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why Quilts Matter Blogs

This year, I'm a monthly guest blogger for "Why Quilts Matter"
If you haven't heard of "Why Quilts Matter" I hope you'll check it out after reading this blog. The nine-part documentary series on quilts, history, art and politics has now aired on nearly 200 PBS stations across the country, and I'm doing a monthly guest blog as part of the effort to continue the conversation.

I was honored to be the first guest blogger in January, when I told the story about my Eureka Moment - the moment when I first realized why quilts matter. In February, for Black History Month, I blogged about meeting Lucy Mingo, the renowned quiltmaker from Gee's Bend, Alabama. The March blog was about how quilts empower women, and included a very special community quilt made by Post 9 of the American Legion Auxiliary in Salem, Oregon in 1931. In April, I wrote about the Easter egg colored quilts of the Great Depression, and one recklessly optimistic quilt from Kansas.

The May blog is one I'm especially excited about. It's called "A New Generation of Quilt Collectors" and it's all about how much quilt buying has changed in the last ten years with the rise of the internet. I talk about buying on eBay, the culture of immediate gratification, and how it's still a thrill to buy quilts even though the process has evolved. To read the blog, click here.

If you haven't seen "Why Quilts Matter" I highly recommend getting a copy of the DVD. You'll want to watch it again and again, as I know I did. Executive Producer and series Narrator Shelly Zegart has given the world a tremendous gift with this series, and we all hope to see more like it in the future. To purchase your copy of "Why Quilts Matter" click here

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