Monday, October 15, 2012

The supply lists...

Supplies for Gwen's workshop (top) and Gwen and Sue's retreat (bottom)
This is fun. It's like a scavenger hunt. I've got these supply lists for Gwen Marston's workshop and Gwen and Sue Spargo's retreat in Sisters this week. Gwen's list seemed pretty easy- mostly solid fabrics. And I have ideas about how to approach a pieced design the way Gwen might do it.

The supply list for the retreat is a whole other animal. Since we will be doing embellished applique with mixed materials, I've been looking for beads, embroidery thread, yarn...and yes, I even bought a bag of pom-poms. Maybe I'll figure out how to use them. :)

The frightening thing is we'll be using a variety of needles. I'm terrible at threading needles, so the idea of having not just one, but half a dozen or more needles to thread is an amusing thought. Believe it or not, I actually have ideas about things I could do, if I can get the needles threaded.

It's a wet day in Portland. Not really raining, but everything is wet. The bark on the trees is soaked, the ground is saturated, and sword ferns are standing at attention. Seems like a good day to go look for some unusual wool materials. First stop, Goodwill!


  1. I would be happy to come along and be your needle threader.

  2. I use the Clover "easy thread" needles .... not sure if that's the name they're marketed under. Anyway, NO threading. The needles have grooves in the "eye end" and you slip the thread into it. These work great for me and come in a variety of sizes.