Thursday, October 4, 2012

AQSG Seminar: WWII Quilts with Sue Reich

Today at the American Quilt Study Group Seminar in Lincoln, Nebraska, I attended the study center on World War II quilts with Sue Reich. It was wonderful, and later in the day I saw quilts from Sue's collection at the International Quilt Study Center Museum. Again, wonderful! It was nice to spend time with Sue. We also visited the day before when we looked at the chintz medallion together. Here are some pictures of the WWII quilts. Buy Sue's book! And enjoy the pictures. :)

Newspaper foundation 
Parachute fabric
At IQSC Museum, which, by the way, is remarkable!

An amazing day, but there was much more! I toured the IQSC Museum and took lots of pictures. Will try to post more tomorrow. Many thanks to Sue Reich for sharing her quilts, her family stories, and her immense knowledge about these important, patriotic quilts.

So far, my first Seminar has exceeded all expectations. I've enjoyed seeing friends, made a few new friends, and tomorrow I will show some of my quilts. Should be fun- lots of eye candy. 42 New York Beauties. I know, I'm crazy, but it's going to be so much fun!!


  1. Glad your having such a good time. I have only meet Sue and her world war 11 quilts once in Paducah a few years ago . She has a very generous spirit.
    Looking forward to see your new york beauties again. We never tire of them

  2. Isn't Sue fabulous and her quilts just glorious? It was great to have them on display in the air museum for an entire week that way we could look at them over and over again. So glad you were able to attend this with her! She gets around doesn't she??

  3. In the picture of the feed sack V, I happen to be in the background. Would you allow me to copy this picture?

    1. Absolutely, and let me know if you'd prefer to have me e-mail the original.

  4. I'm in that photo too. Please email a copy to me also. Thanks Bill. A real pleasure meeting you and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your "beauties" in the study center. As you said, lots of eye candy.