Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Today I learned Laura Fisher passed away this week. She was a quilt dealer living in New York City, and I was never fortunate enough to meet her, but we'd been in touch for probably 20 years. We have two quilts that came from Laura.

The first one was made around the turn of the century and it is a red, white and blue one-patch in a blending zig-zag design reminiscent of Bargello. It is exceptionally modern for a quilt that's over 100 years old.

The second quilt is well known to quilt experts and anyone else who has seen Bob Shaw's memorable book. The quilt is on the cover. It is velvet and has a fan design arranged in a medallion style. Unique! 

The quilt world mourns the loss of Laura Fisher. I'm very sad we never connected that last time I was in New York. I remember speaking to her on the phone shortly after 9/11, and I felt like we were old friends. Thanks to Laura for finding so many remarkable quilts. She was a beacon, and her legacy is deep.