Sunday, February 23, 2014

MANifestations pictures

my quilt, "Center Star" 2013
I was excited when my quilt was accepted in to the MANifestations biennial juried who for men who make quilts. My high school friend, Leslie Kuhlthau Maniotes, and other friends live in the area. So having a quilt in the show was like visiting them with a quilt. Leslie sent some pictures today- Hooray, Leslie!!

"Tilapia" Wendell Perkins, Poway, CA

"For the Love of Cheddar" Roderick Ferry, Council Bluffs, IA
"Sophisticated Stitches" Don Linn, Redding, CA
"Lifelines III" Ricky Tims, La Veta, CO
"Cosmo's Moon" Jim Smith & Andy Brunhammer, Tampa, FL
"Marmalade's First Snow" David Taylor, Steamboat Springs, CO 
Leslie's husband, Bill, and "Margin for Error" Dennis Waln, Golden, CO
"Tsuru No Mai" Geoff Hamada, Seattle, WA
my quilt (top) and "Blue Dragonflies" John Plutchak, Kingsport, TN 
"Northern Lights" Ricky Tims, La Veta, CO
"Tree of Life" Tim Latimer, Lansing, MI
Great show, and thank you Leslie for the pictures!! I was especially happy to see my picture on the gallery guide - it's everywhere, it's everywhere!!

Thank you, Leslie, for the pictures!! If you're in the Denver / Golden, Colorado area, go check it out! Yes, men do quilt. For more info, click here.

Friday, February 21, 2014

QuiltCon 2015 Special Exhibit

Great news! I will be hanging a special exhibit of quilts from my collection at QuiltCon 2015, February 19-22 in Austin, Texas. The exhibit will be the debut of my "Modern Materials, Quilts of the 1970s" collection, and will include a selection of vibrant quilts from a dynamic period in American history.

Hexagon Diamonds, c. 1970, Oregon
QuiltCon is the biennial gathering of The Modern Quilt Guild, complete with show, awards, classes, lectures, and special exhibits. I'm happy to know the quilters of Gee's Bend will also be there, as will many friends who will be teaching, demonstrating, and I'm sure exhibiting quilts, too.

QuiltCon 2015 will be the second edition of the big, biennial gathering, and I am happy to be part of it. More information will soon be available, and you can keep up to date by checking The Modern Quilt Guild's website. Click here!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

green alien space babies - my first Spoonflower fabric design

I was playing on Spoonflower recently and had fun creating my first fabric design. It's called "green alien space baby" and you can buy it if you like it. Click here.

The alien space baby came from a photo I found online. It was a cute crying baby, but to me, it was an alien, so I manipulated the heck out of the picture and made my alien baby. It was fun! On deck, Lulu cat eye polka dot.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

two lectures last week

pieced quilt, unknown maker, c. 1850, Kentucky

Last week I did two lectures, one on Wednesday and the other on Sunday. Wednesday's lecture was about the New York Beauties, and I was visiting with the Puyallup Valley Quilters in Washington. A fun group, and I showed a whole range of New York Beauty Quilts made between 1850 and present day.

Cinco de Mayo, Buda Bee Quilters, Buda, Texas, 2008
On Sunday, I spoke about "Masterpiece Quilts, Modernism in American Patchwork" at the Portland SewDown. It was a luncheon lecture at The Nines Hotel. The unofficial subtitle was "There's something modern about that quilt", and I shared patchwork quilts made between 1810 and 1995.

pieced quilt "Economy Block", unknown maker, c. 1810, New England
"Crossroads", unknown maker, c. 1870, Texas
"Layered Fans", unknown maker, c. 1920, New York
Hexagon Diamonds, unknown maker, c. 1970, Oregon
Cross Currents Study #3, 1995, Andrea Balosky, Oregon
Doing two lectures in one week was a great way to wrap up doing lectures for the year. Quilts are beginning to travel and I'm working on some projects with the collection, so I'm taking a break from lectures to facilitate my work with the quilts. I'll get back to it in the future, and will probably say a few words at the events I'm planning in 2015.

Coming soon, an exhibit: "Masterpiece Quilts, Modernism in American Patchwork, 1810-1970" at Latimer Quilt & Textile Center in Tillamook, Oregon. Exhibit opens in March and runs through April. Stay tuned for more details, or visit Latimer's web site (click here).