Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, 2008, made by the Buda Bee Quilters, Texas
In 2004, Karen Stone published her most complex design, Cinco de Mayo. It's been one of my favorite patterns since I first saw it, and I've only known one or two people who dared to make it. Cathie Favret of the Tillamook County Quilters made one a few years ago. I wanted that quilt, but I don't think Cathie was going to let go of it easily. Can you blame her? It's a lot of work to make one of these quilts.

Cathie Favret with the Cinco de Mayo quilt she made
Cathie Favret's Cinco de Mayo
Last year, in Paducah, Kitty Ledbetter was telling me about a Cinco de Mayo raffle quilt she had won, and that it was available if I was interested. I saw pictures of it on her cell phone, and I was interested, but would have to catch up with her when I had money to spend.

Kitty Ledbetter, lucky winner of the Buda Bee Cinco de Mayo raffle quilt
The Buda Bee quilters made this quilt 2008 and raffled it off afterwards. Proceeds went to the Onion Creek Senior Citizens Center, where the group has met and made quilts for years. The quilt received a blue ribbon in the 2010 New Braunfels, Texas, Holiday Magic quilt show for best Group Bed / Wall Quilt. I wasn't at all surprised.

In Lincoln, I asked Kitty if the quilt was still available, and it was. Lucky me! I thought it would be the perfect quilt to add to the collection as I prepare for next year's exhibit in San Jose. It arrived this week, and it's amazing. There are many variations within the blocks, which is what makes it such an exciting design. Karen Stone saw the pictures I posted on Facebook, and said, "Oooh it's beautiful!"

Thrilled! I'll try to post some detail shots this week. 


  1. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see more pics of it!

  2. Oh my! I am deeply in lust!!! Lucky you!

  3. Hey Bill! This quilt also won a blue ribbon at the San Antonio show.

    1. Thank you, Kitty! That's awesome. Quiltmania was here last weekend, and they loved the quilt!! Big projects ahead...

  4. Loved your photos! My class here in New Zealand used the first photo as inspiration for an art activity, thank you so much for the inspiration!