Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IQSC Museum: Indigo Gives America the Blues

While in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the 2012 American Quilt Study Group Seminar I visited the International Quilt Study Center and Museum four times. During one of those visits, I got to see all the exhibits. The first was "World War II Quilts from the Sue Reich Collection", which I blogged about here. There were three other exhibits. "Indigo Gives America the Blues" was one of them, and the incredible display included quilts from the early days in American quiltmaking to more recently made quilts.

indigo quilts hanging along the upper rail of the sweeping, curved staircase
Timeline of Indigo dyes and methods of fabric production
...to die for!

"Transition" by Nyx (Marie) Lyman, Portland, Oregon 1975
"Britchy Quilt" by Maggie Smith, Greene County, Alabama, 1980
There was lots to see, and it was all good! I was impressed with the IQSC Museum and its staff before I ever went there, but after spending a good amount of time there over the last week, I'm ten times more impressed than I already was. The facility is top notch and the staff is beyond knowledgeable, friendly, and they appear to work very well together. I can't wait to go back!

Stay tuned for highlights from the other exhibits... 


  1. sigh, love all those blues! Nan

  2. Thanks for reporting Bill, wonderful info. I am directing everyone who missed in Arizona to check out your blog.

  3. You have me convinced. It is now on my list. The blues are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As one who cannot travel, I thank you for sharing your lovely photos and comments. Karen-Vancouver

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