Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Farewell, 2020. Hello 2021!


Large glass paperweight with controlled bubbles, Barbini Oggetti, Murano

I didn't blog much in 2020. It was kind of an unusual year: our first year married and the first time we needed to be quarantined, socially distanced and masked-up in public. It was such an unusual year, we barely bought a single quilt. 

amber carnival glass deviled egg plate - sold!

We did collect other things in 2020, mostly for resale. We like shopping at thrift stores, among the few places open to offer us a little retail therapy, and of course the experience would not be complete without mask-fogged glasses and bottles of hand sanitizer. 

silver plated Revere bowls

We posted some of our finds on Facebook and even sold a few things, but our online shop is still in the planning stages. We also sell at a local shop called Antique Alley in the Hollywood District of Portland. We have had a booth a and a locked case there, and will soon move to an unlocked, fully lit case closer to our booth. 

costume jewelry / necklace - sold!

One of the best finds of the year was the large glass paperweight, attributed to Barbini Oggetti of Murano, pictured at top. Comparable examples sell in the $600-800 range, and we got ours for $6.99. We'll hang on to that one, and a few other things such as a Bundt cake pan and like-new Rubbermaid water cooler. 

large acrylic painting, on sale now at Antique Alley

We're reselling most everything else, primarily for the fun of it, but maybe we'll make a couple bucks, too. So, as we say farewell to 2020 and hello to 2021, we look forward to the thrill of the hunt, and certainly all the great people we'll meet along the way. We wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year and hope to see you soon!