Monday, October 22, 2012

More pictures from Sisters

Detail of Sue Spargo's fancy stitching
Yesterday was the last day of the Contemporary Folk Art Quilting Retreat in Sisters, and I grabbed a few pictures before dashing off to get back home. I was sorry to not get pictures of everyone's projects, but was able to catch most of the ones being done at the back tables where I was seated. I was also sorry not to get everyone's names connected with their pieces, but if you see yours up here, speak up so we can know who did what!

Sue Spargo discusses fancy embroidery
Gwen Marston doing a demonstration on needle turn applique
Jenny's tree
I can already tell this one's gonna be great!
Elsa's tree
Anne's fully sustainable, local, organic vegetable garden :)
Love the bird in its adorable little nest!
These two quilts show how the wool applique is layered, piece by piece. 
Kristin's spooky Halloween tree.
All I can say is "uh-may-zing!"


  1. Thanks for sharing some of the lovely applique from the Retreat.

  2. what fun. I don't know who's doing the halloween tree, but that is awesome!

    1. Kristin Shields. :) I just adore her! We were at opposite ends of the room, but had little visits throughout the retreat. She will be the featured quilter next summer in Sisters.

  3. How fun to be there. They all look wonderful!

  4. "uh-may-zing!" looks like my spelling....

    do hope we get a look at your piece, soon.... and again later and at the end finished...

  5. Fabulous photos! So glad you took them as they are rich with inspiration!

  6. Keeping yourself in stitches in Sisters, or scraping mold off walls ..
    Guess who was having more fun?