Saturday, February 18, 2017

yippie yi yay!

Yesterday I found this neat little cowboys and horses quilt in a vintage shop in Portland. It was in a pile with two other quilts, a Sunbonnet Sue and a Parasol Ladies, and it really jumped out. Although there are some condition issues, it was a pattern I hadn't seen before.

When I got home, I took some photos and sent them to my friend Gloria Nixon from Kansas. Gloria is author of the fabulous book "Rag Darlings, Dolls From the Feedsack Era" - get the book -  and she thought the motifs looked famliar. She found it in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Applique (#49.18), and also found sales and auction links with information and photos of the pattern.

It is called Cowboy Quilt, a Wheeler/Brooks design (#7353). I love how the pattern has a reference to the use of scraps. Good stuff! And good work, Gloria. You nailed it!

Gloria's name may be familiar to anyone who has read my New York Beauty book. She helped with research there, too. Such an amazing researcher, very evident throughout her book.

So, "yippie yi yay!" for Gloria. What an angel! It is wonderful having such a network of friends with deep and diverse interests in quilts, textiles, antiques and vintage collectibles. Not having all the answers is OK if you know who to ask.


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  1. Good for Gloria. She is indeed a treasure. This is one of my favorite 20th century patterns. Thanks for rescuing it.