Monday, February 27, 2017

open for business

I am in case #F-3 at Antique Alley, 2000 NE 42nd Ave., lower level, Portland
Originally I planned to move in to my display case at Antique Alley on March 1st, maybe the afternoon before. Yesterday, I found myself ready to go, so I went for it a few days early.

First, I had to clean up the case a bit. Initially I liked the color of the green paper lining the case, but when I got a closer look, it was a bit run down and there were hooks all over the place.

First I removed the green paper and most of the hooks, and put in three sheets of decorative, blue and white contact paper. I only used about an inch of the contact paper adhesive along the top edge, and a few pieces of Scotch tape to secure the sheets in place.

That way, it should be easy to remove later, even though I'd be willing to bet the future tenants will want to keep it. Looks nice. I cleaned the shelves with a little Windex while I was in there.

My car was parked outside and everything was in boxes and organized. I think it took less than 30 minutes to move in, and most of that was fussing with things on the shelves so everything could be seen easily. If people can see the price tags, it's less work for the staff.

Everything but one item fit in. That item was an antique shelf. It was only going to be for display, and I could've figured out a way to get it in, but it was going to be way too much effort. So I brought it back to the car and continued unloading everything else.

Antique Alley is located in the lower level of the 42nd Street Station, 2000 NE 42nd Avenue in the Hollywood District of Portland, Oregon.

This treasure trove of antique and vintage collectibles boasts 100 dealers with everything from German beer steins to Hawaiian shirts. Antique Alley is open Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm, Saturday from 10am-5:30pm and Sunday Noon to 5:00pm. To visit the web site, click here.

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