Sunday, February 5, 2017

"Holy Hexies!"

A couple weeks ago, I spotted this quilt on Live Auctioneers. It was scheduled to be auctioned by the Conestoga Auction Company of Manheim, Pennsylvania. That's just down the road from Lancaster. Been down that road before, but never saw a quilt like this one. Had to have it.

It is 90" x 91", made of hexagons and could be called a hexagon mosaic. The patches are arranged to create images. In the center is a large cross, surrounded by nine chalices, two candles, two anchors, two buildings, and four keys. There is a roof-shaped rainbow up top, and the fanciful cathedral is filled with flowers in the negative spaces.

Fabrics look like late 19th century, possibly early 20th century, so I expect the circa date to be somewhere in the c. 1890-1910 range. Can't wait to see it in person. Holy Hexies! That's an amazing quilt.


  1. It looks amazing and are those candlesticks either side of the cross too?

  2. Would love permission to post this on one of my hexi groups but there are so many more questions and I know you are asking them yourself.... so can't wait to hear more after it arrives....

  3. It is amazing!!! Holy Hexies is right! :)

  4. I love the buildings. So neat that they created this with Hexagons. It really tells a story.