Tuesday, February 21, 2017

what a mess!

Stuff accumulates. It's the story of our lives. I moved around a lot when I lived back east, and our family always spent time in Maine in the summer. Mom and Dad eventually moved there. I moved to Portland, Oregon and brought all my stuff with me.

Before moving, I used to love going to the Englishtown Flea Market with a car full of stuff to sell on Saturday mornings in the summer. Made a wad of cash every time, but always ended up with boxes of stuff that didn't sell, and things I picked up from other dealers. I also loved driving over to Pennsylvania for the afternoon and exploring all the shops along the way.

Many of the things I picked up were part of the decor. That's what makes antiques and vintage objects so great. They are curiosities. When you love to collect, the only danger is when the stuff starts to pile up. I'm sure there are some boxes in the attic that haven't been opened for 20 years.

I am going through it all now, and the inside of my home looks like an estate sale gone wrong. What a mess! But it'll be a beautiful mess when I set up shop in my little glass case at the vintage store across town.


  1. Let us know WHEN you set up shop. I was down there last weekend and we checked out the two vintage shops you had written about. I found some crystal doorknobs to add to my ever growing collection...FUN!!! Have a fun remembering all your treasures...

  2. We used to go to Englishtown market all the time. Brought back fun memories.