Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday on the Fringe

Yesterday I dropped off a rack full of clothing at Men's Wearhouse for their National Suit Drive. The charity benefits at-risk men transitioning into the workforce, and Men's Wearhouse officially holds the event in the summer, but they accept donations all year. Thank goodness for that! I'm working on cleaning out a closet full of clothing meant for a much larger man, formerly me.

at Union Vintage in Beaverton
On the way home, I noticed a pair of vintage shops along Canyon Road in Beaverton, so I stopped and went in.

Union Vintage in Beaverton
The first one was called Union Vintage, and the place had a cool vibe. I bought a mod quilt top there. More about that one another day.

Curiosities Vintage in Beaverton
at Curiosities Vintage, Beaverton
The second shop, Curiosities Vintage, was a co-op or collective with many dealers. The funny thing about this place and the other is I have gone past many times and didn't realize what was there. For some reason, I thought the shops were faux vintage decorative goods. One of them may have been more like that in the past, but both shops are full of vintage objects now.

at Curiosities Vintage in Beaverton
I found a Polynesian bedspread with fringe in one of the first booths at Curiosities. At first, I wasn't sure if it was a bedspread or a table cloth, but the more I looked at it the more it seemed like a that's what I'm calling it.

I also wasn't sure if I was looking at a mass-produced object or a homemade one. It's nicely finished, but something tells me it's homemade.

It is 66" x 87 & 1/2" and was made of two pieces of fabric. The seam is off-center, and the fabrics do not line up along the seam, evident in the third dark brown band from the right.

This piece will go with the Hawaiian group. Although it is not a scrap quilt, it's another type of bedcover from the period, and it shows off large pieces of Hawaiian fabric. I love the green fringe.


  1. I've never heard any of these places before.

  2. I'm on the westside and I am always looking for new vintage and thrift shops. I'll have to check these out! Thanks!

  3. It's amazing the discoveries you find in unassuming places!

  4. Awe man, I wish I had known about the suit drive! My husband has a few I could have donated. I'll be keeping this in mind for the next one. And those thrift stores sound great. Makes me wish I was closer to the west side.