Thursday, February 23, 2017

throwback thursday: just last week

Show & Tell @ the PMQG February meeting, photo by Matthew Stovall
Last Thursday I went to the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It had been a while since I'd gone to a guild meeting, and I felt guilty because I missed the Northwest Quilters guild meeting earlier in the week. My excuse: I was waiting for this spectacular quilt to arrive.

Portland Modern Quilt Guild meets at a church, so it was a fun piece to bring for Show & Tell. I enjoyed looking around at everyone as they gazed at the quilt. Their eyes were wide, even though it was late and the meeting was almost over.

Northwest Quilters also meet at a church, so I will have to remember to bring it for Show & Tell there next time. It's one of the most intriguing quilts I have discovered. I wish I knew more about it.

Joyce Gieszler was visiting yesterday. When she saw the quilt at the meeting, the imagery struck her as two congregations joining together under one roof. That's an idea worth investigating.

There's a lot going on under that big rainbow roof, and indeed there are two buildings. Could they represent two churches and two congregations joining together?

What churches in the Lancaster region of Pennsylvania merged around the turn of the century? Now there's a question! I'm not sure how to go about answering it, but maybe it will lead to an account of this quilt. Somehow, somewhere, someone must have had something to say about the quilt.

Seek and you shall find!


  1. Instead Of two churches joining together, in that time period it might be that one large church became two.

    1. I suppose it is possible, but it strikes me as less likely based on the imagery. The buildings are under one roof. That doesn't seem to indicate a parting, at least not to me.

  2. Alter quilt for a church where two different congregations meet is likely-