Saturday, February 4, 2017

earthy polyester quilt

This earthy polyester quilt came from an eBay seller in Boise, Idaho. It was made in the 1970s and includes a lot of beige and brown fabrics, with other neutrals and pops of orange and peach.

The quilt is 80" x 101" and includes a variety of polyester double knit fabrics-- solids, plaids, woven prints and embossed.

The pattern is called "Economy Block" and "Square-in-a-Square" among many other names. It's a basic design using squares and triangles. Depending on how the fabrics are placed, the block can produce some great secondary patterns.

It is also an old design. I have a quilt from the early 1800s made with the same pattern, but of course the materials are very different.

Quilts from the 1970s surprise me a lot of the time, and this quilt is one of those. The combination of colors makes it kind of a sleeper, but get it up on a wall and it's an intriguing work of art. It is also a time capsule of fabrics, and we all know people who wore those clothes!

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  1. I had forgotten, but I wore those clothes! Looking at this makes me think maybe brown and orange actually wasn't the worst idea in the world.