Monday, February 27, 2017

another scrap quilt from Honolulu

scrap quilt from Honolulu, c. 1975-2017

Here's another one of the finished quilt tops from Hawaii. Gail Weiss did a nice job finishing this one. We looked at the bindings on some other quilts, and found good inspiration.
this quilt was the inspiration for the binding
One quilt in particular, a Broken Dishes with a wide floral print binding was the inspiration for the binding on the top.

the inspiration binding
The binding was made with fabric applied to the front and machine stitched. Unlike a lot of bindings, it was not wrapped around to the back.

great job Gail, you nailed it!
Gail nailed it. The maker of the top would be proud of the finish. It was relatively quick and painless, but specific. I like this type of work to be in keeping with the period and style of quilt, and I like to include the finish date and person who finished it.

Worth the effort to finish, it is an eye-popping piece with lots of bold Hawaiian fabrics. Here are a few of them.

There are two more tops from the group, and I will photograph them at some point during the week, so stay tuned...

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