Friday, April 4, 2014

Clark County Quilters Show Pictures

"Night and Day" 2014 by Terry Knott

The Clark County Quilters Show is on display this weekend, and the last day is Saturday, April 5th. I went the other day and took a few pictures of quilts that caught my eye. For information, click here.

"Night and Day" 2014 (reverse side) by Terry Knott
"Gears" 2013 by Linda Reinert
"Our Colors Rock" 2012 by Val Pellens and Virginia O'Donnell 
"Streets of Hugo's Paris" 2013 by Victoria Jones and Hedda Wright,
quilted by Linda Reinert
"9 Patched" 2014 by Gerrie Thompson
"Hawaiian Design" 1990s by Erma Huff
"The Sunflower Quilt" 2010 by Hedda Wright and Robin Anderson

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  1. Thanks, Bill, for sharing the photos. It was a great show!