Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sixty Three Double Knit Polyester Blocks, part 3

More odd shapes and fabulous colors
This is the third installment of blocks from the 1970s Crazy Block quilt, made in Idaho. I have included 16 blocks today, and the full view for reference. Enjoy!

Full view, 1970s Crazy Block quilt, Idaho
Polyester river
Wow - shapes!
More wow! Great colors!!
Killer paisley against dark, dramatic patches
One of my favorite blocks, because I love green
Kitschy landscape
Yellow heart floating down the river
The variety of colored thread really makes this block
More great colors
This block just slays me. It's a wow!
Argyle snake swallowed a whole grapefruit!

Love that argyle, and the orange stitching. 
Another favorite block. Love the large scale red and blue on white,
and that orange streak!
These colors are as vibrant as the day they came off the bolt 
It must've been fun to make this quilt!
So, if you've been following along, that's 46 of the 63 blocks. Stay tuned for the remaining blocks...


  1. these are all so fabulous. love 'em!

  2. I love all the stitching around the the quilt backed?

    1. Yes, it is backed with pinstripe material that is soft pink with darker pinstripes. Looks kind of like a bed sheet, or maybe very lightweight curtain material. Most likely cotton/poly blend.

  3. There sure is a lot of textile history in this quilt. I don't think I've ever seen a book published on fabrics from the 1970's. There is no fading here...everything is crisp. The patterns are so interesting. Maybe you should document them in a book, hmmm?

    1. I'm sure there are some in Trestain's second Dating Fabrics book, but I kinda dig the idea of doing a book just to document this quilt and its blocks. At least I can say the block photos are ready. ;)

    2. Thanks for sharing this tip. I wasn't aware of this book. I checked the library. They have one dated 1800-1960. I see Amazon has the second book for sale, 1950-2000.

      And I saw that you are working on a book for this quilt! That makes me happy!

  4. Willie this is great stuff...I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can feel some of those knits. I used to wear them! Those certainly did not wear out! They might get snagged, but not wear out. I do not miss wearing that stuff! I surely like natural fibers more.