Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crazy Block String Quilt, c. 1975, Texas

I guess you could say there was a little eBay bidding war on this quilt with 16 bids, but it was still very inexpensive at $35. This Crazy Block String Quilt was made around 1975. It is mostly cottons and cotton/polyester with a few random synthetics in the mix. I love it because it's a visually exciting quilt. Here are a few detail shots. Enjoy!

The fabrics appear to be repurposed, which would make it a scrap quilt
Funky prints and hot colors with free strip piecing 
Cheater fabric, floral print, paisley, and bandana 
The directional strips and varied directions create movement 
The star fabric looks very Bicentennial


  1. Totally fun.....and I love the mix of all those bright colors!

  2. Okay, would you be interested at all in a double knit r/w/b quilt made in 1976? Squares were handed out to Job's Daughters members, they embroidered, appliqued, etc to commemorate my term as Honored Queen. It's huge as I remember. If you are the least bit interested, I'll dig it out and take pictures so send you.....I just can't believe there's this surge of interest in double knit quilt!!! I do love your blog :)

    1. Yes, please! I would love to see it:


      Many thanks!!

  3. Another great polyester quilt, love this and they are so warm!!