Friday, September 21, 2012

Cross-Currents Study #3, 1995, by Andrea Balosky

Cross-Currents Study #3, Andrea Balosky, 1995
The two Andrea Balosky quilts arrived yesterday, and I'm on Cloud 9! Her work just amazes me. This is one of the two quilts, Cross-Currents #3, made in 1995 in Camp Sherman, Oregon. It is the quilt on the cover of her Transitions book. When I got it up on the stand to take pictures, my mouth was hanging open in awe. Just look at the detail shots.

Such a brilliant artist! Her witty choice of fabrics, combined with an incredible sense of color, shows just how innovative her work was, and still is. It's such an elegant, sophisticated work of art. When you get up close, the fabrics are curious and very amusing. The bits of recognizable objects in the patches give the quilt an infusion of pop culture. Very, very clever, and playful!

There is one other quilt that came along with this one, and as soon as I get some pictures I'll post that one, too. Stay tuned...

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