Saturday, September 1, 2012

1960s Polyester Nine Patch

This colorful 1960s Nine Patch quilt arrived yesterday, and it's even better in person than in the pictures I'd seen on eBay. The quilt is all double-knit polyester and includes a mix of prints and solids, strong and soft colors. There are a couple patches with flowers in the top center block, so I'm displaying the quilt with the flowers upright. It is the second Nine Patch in my "generation X quilts" collection.

The other Nine Patch is one I'd thought was made in the 70s, but I've started to 's more likely from the 60s. This quilt has sashing and square patch cornerstones, which also create a border. The other one has blocks that are all butted up against each other. Both quilts have a mix of soft and hard colors, print and solid fabrics. It's fun to have two variations on the same classic pattern. Each is a reflection of the person who made it.

I'm expecting more quilts in the next few weeks, and some of those will be double knit polyester just like these two. Stay tuned...


  1. These quilts bring happy memories of my childhood... the weight of them is divine...

    1. I had handmade sweaters and homemade bread, but no quilts other than the ones that came from the department store. One of the quilts I remember most was manufactured by Stevens in Utica, NY - it was a mod jungle print. I found some pictures online, but now I have to find the fabric somewhere!