Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1970s Polyester Bowties

Bowties, c. 1970s, Texas
This eye-popping 1970s double-knit polyester Bowties quilt came from an eBay seller in Texas. It is the second Bowties quilt in the group. The other one came from Sacramento, California.
Bowties, c. 1970s, California
Both quilts are visually dazzling, and the new one has some qualities I really love. The boldly colored sashing and cornerstones frame the bowties, which seem to be jumping in all directions. The overall design leads the eye around the quilt.

I just love how color makes such a big statement in the double-knit polyester quilts of the period, and the really great thing is the fabrics are just as vibrant today as they were 40 years ago. More 1970s masterpieces coming this week. Stay tuned!


  1. So bow ties with sashing are jumping, perhaps it is a new block - Mexican jumping bean -

  2. Actually with a few more looks that this quilt, perhaps it is not bow ties but some other block. The center is different from the other fabrics so it is hard to see a bow tie. But then again maybe it can be considered a double bow tie, depending if you are the sort to look left or to look right.

    Here I am analyzing a quilt I would NEVER have given a second look / thought to if you had not posted on a blog. You get points!