Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sixty Three Double Knit Polyester Blocks, part 2

Love is in the air, or in the quilt. This is one of several hearts.
Part 2, and here are 15 more blocks from the Crazy Block quilt. All double-knit polyester. Uh-may-zing! I've included a full view shot once again for reference.

Full view, 1970s Crazy Block, Idaho
a peach mitten
extremely vibrant colors and funky prints
more odd shapes
I love how this block provides a little breathing room in the design.
Paisley polyester butterfly
These mittens look much more like boxing gloves
A solid green shamrock pops out from all the print fabrics.
Great juxtaposition of print and solid, turquoise and red 
Look at the pink, you can see how it was pieced along one side
and appliqued along the other two sides
A mountain landscape made of double-knit!
Picasso in polyester
What an odd shape! Bra-like.
Another lucky shamrock, and more great colors
So, that's the second installment. If you've been reading along and looking, you've seen 30 of the 63 blocks. Stay tuned for more...


  1. love 'em. would be interesting to know if she just liked these themes or if she was making the blocks during winter months, Valentine's day, St Paddy's...

    1. Three makers according to the inscription, and who knows what they were thinking!

  2. the mittens remind me of michign...and I see a lake there too