Thursday, September 13, 2012

More eBay Finds

I've had a little fun shopping on eBay this week, and here are pictures of four more quilts I've bought. The first is a strippy Bars quilt from Texas. I love it because it reminds me of a Gee's Bend quilt, and the seller said it's African American, but unfortunately there is no maker's information. So I'm calling it a Bars utility quilt, c. 1950.

The second one is a wool sampler that reminded me very much of Jean Ray Laury. It was made in 1978, and is inscribed with the date and "Gram" - on the fish block toward the bottom. It's coming from a seller in Penngrove, California.

The third quilt is a Double Wedding Ring on a Cheetos orange background. It's coming from a seller in Missouri, who thought it was made in the 1970s, but I think it could be a bit earlier. Out of more than 1000 results in a recent Quilt Index search for Double Wedding Rings, there were less than five with a bright orange background.

The fourth one is a Bowties quilt from Texas, with a very pleasing combination of colors. Looks like 1950s, but I'll know for sure when I see it in person. I'm also expecting some more Alzheimer's quilts, and was bidding on a Broderie Perse bedspread today in an online auction through Skinner. More about that later!


  1. Very interesting finds! I have a quilt top with an orange background. It's not in great shape, but the piecing is pretty good. Interested? I would be happy to send it to you. I won't finish it and it needs a home. Lois

  2. How do I love orange,
    Let me count the ways...

  3. that orange wedding ring looks 40"s to me.....Im anxious to see some close ups of the fabric