Friday, September 28, 2012

Bowties Quilt from Texas, c. 1960

Here's a quilt I bought just because I liked the combination of colors. It came from a seller in Texas, and it's a Bowties variation made around 1960. At first I thought it was a 50s quilt, but I think some of these fabrics may be just a little later than the 50s.

So, what do you think? Did I get the date right? Do you see something in the fabrics that I don't? Post a comment and share your thoughts.


  1. I'm no good with dating, but that is a lovely quilt. love the colors and it's fun to see the prints close up. good catch!

  2. I can't help you with the date but I have begun to appreciate bow tie patterns - This one has some fun fabrics in it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Regards from western Canada,

  3. I'm not an expert on dating quilts, but had a mother who sewed throughout the 50's, 60's and 70's and I would guess definitely 50's...maybe early 60's. Great quilt!!