Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bicentennial Collection is Growing

Just found a Mountain Mist Bicentennial pillow to add to my collection. And it's signed! Not long ago, I found a quilt, a flag, and a Mountain Mist pattern. I'd read about the pillows, but hadn't seen one for sale. If you look at the picture of the pattern (below), you'll see there are two sizes of pillows. This one appears to be the smaller of the two. It's coming from an eBay seller in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Here are pictures of the other Bicentennial items in the collection. First, the quilt. All applique, including the triangles and square patches made of triangles.

The pattern suggests that it's easy and fun to make a quilt this way, but I'm not so sure. Looks like a lot of work! And applique might not be the best idea for inexperienced quiltmakers. In this quilt, not all the applique held. You can peek underneath the patches and see blue print that served as a guide. It's basically a piece of printed wholecloth with color and placement markings. A kit. Quilt by number!

The source of the design is, of course, the Bicentennial logo seen on this flag, which was produced by A.R.B.A. - the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration. Check out the A.R.B.A. stamp. How awesome is that?

A nice little collection, so far. Wouldn't you say? The idea is to display all of these items as part of the exhibit I'm planning for 2014. Certainly, the Bicentennial was a pivotal time for quiltmaking in America. It will be nice to represent the Bicentennial with these objects in a larger exhibit of quilts from the period. 

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