Tuesday, April 17, 2012

House of Wonky

Here's the top for my second quilt, "House of Wonky"
I had so much fun with my first quilt, I just had to play around some more, so I broke out a pack of Michael Hoffman Bali Pops and made this top. It's called "House of Wonky" and was inspired by the work of Jean Wells Keenan. This quilt is more architectural than most of Jean's work, which tends to be more organic and connected to nature. This is more like an imaginary dwelling, built of fabric...where Willy Wonky might live.

First draft: it was a bit narrower and squared off
Jean likes to place bits of small-scale patchwork into larger areas of color, which produces a dazzling effect of bright little gems hiding in nooks and crannies. Her work is magical. I tried to work in a similar way, using smaller bits of patchwork, oddly shaped pieces, and form with practically no geometry.

The back: here's what's going on back there
For the most part, I tried to maintain a 1/4" seam allowance when piecing. The top just about the size I wanted. After the "first draft" I added to the sides and cut it to make a slightly irregular shape. Will probably push that further when finishing it. Jean's quilts are knife-edge finished with free motion directional quilting, and that's what I've got in mind for this piece.

Little Boo is verrry curious about this quilting thing...
The only drawback to the whole idea of making quilts is the mess I've made in my kitchen. Threads everywhere! Piles of Bali Pops fabric and random scraps, some usable, some not. It's a good thing I've got appraisal reports to finish up this week, otherwise I'd have a king size quilt!

I realize this scene doesn't look messy to some...but I know how it goes!
What a mess!
So, what do you think of my second quilt project? Should I keep going and make bigger quilts? Should I buy a long-arm machine? (just kidding!!) I do have a destination in mind for "House of Wonky" but I'll divulge that later, if I can meet the deadline!


  1. Great to see you've taken the plunge into quilt making! The mess is all part of the creative process - maybe you need a sewing room.
    Love your book too. I'm a bit of a nyb fan.

  2. You have been bitten and I am sorry to say, there is no cure. Welcome to my world. Be careful, it will take over the house, and kitties love pins.

  3. embrace the mess! I look at my mess as creativity leaking out :)

  4. The question is not should you make more, but can you stop?!

  5. OMG, well I've got to get the mess cleaned up before Mom visits this summer!

  6. Before your mom visits this summer? You mean you're not going to let her play in the Willy Wonky scraps and have some fun, too?

  7. She prefers to do needlepoint, and we have to eat at this table. :)

  8. Oh so nice to see you quilting! Kitchen table mess is a small price to pay for this wonderful hobby.
    I hope you make many more!

  9. Love your little quilt!! Such a free spirit to it! Lovely! I noticed your OLD little iron on the ironing board... I have the same one, and it's the BEST iron I have ever had... even tough it's over 20 years old!!! Wish I had a few more of them! Keep on sewing!

  10. LOL! It's possible I've had the iron for 20 years, but I'm not especially attached to it.

    Should I be?

    (Ironing is something I've always avoided)