Friday, April 6, 2012

A Collection in the Making: Ken Pincus Pottery

Sake bottle, 2012, by Ken Pincus - cannot wait to use it!!
I've had a busy week, but yesterday I took a break from an otherwise hectic day to visit Ken Pincus at his studio in the green hills of Northwest Portland. Ken had recently made some sake bottles, and of course, I wanted one. I'd been to Ken's studio once before, but he had it set up for a sale. This time, it was set up as his everyday working studio. He worked while we chatted, smoothing out a few rough edges on newly glazed pieces.

Christmas 2011: I gave the turquoise one to my sister and kept the other
I first learned about Ken Pincus and his marvelous pottery in 2010, when I attended an Ikebana exhibit at the Buddhist Daihonzan Henjyoji Temple in Southeast Portland. David Komeiji, who I've known from lap swimming at the Y, invited me to see the exhibit, and Ken was there selling pottery. It was just at the tail end of my Christmas shopping season. I usually shop early and send things to Maine. But I found a wonderful cylinder vase to give my sister for Christmas. I've been a fan ever since, and have spoiled myself, as well as my sister, with beautiful pottery.

I keep coffee in this jar. A pound of whole beans fit perfectly inside.
One of the first objects I handle each day is this wonderful multicolor covered jar, which I use as storage for coffee beans. A pound of beans fit perfectly inside, as if the jar was designed for that purpose. The lid makes the sound of a bell ringing, a quality I always admire in finely made pottery and crystal. I just love it, and I use it every day.

Oval vase by Ken Pincus, purchased in 2011
How many objects make a collection, I wonder. Ken had a sake bottle in turquoise, and that's the one I brought home. It is my fourth piece of Pincus pottery, in addition to the two pieces I've given my sister as Christmas gifts each of the last two years.  

The sake bottle is signed, and has a glorious red glaze at the bottom
Guess I've got a collection in the making. There were many things in Ken's studio that caught my eye. I wish I could've stayed longer - Ken invited me for tea - but I had to get back to work. April was supposed to be the month when I didn't have anything on the calendar, but it's turned out just the opposite. It was nice to take a break and visit with Ken. His studio is a place of great inspiration! To learn more about Ken Pincus and his work, click here.