Saturday, May 6, 2017


Table and Chair set - Sold!
It's been a little over a month since I opened my booth at Antique Alley in Portland, and I'm happy to say the first month yielded a small profit.

Hand painted cat wall art - Sold!
The only goal was to make rent, move some stuff, and have a little fun doing it. Several quilts, tops, blankets and coverlets have sold, and I have steadily added new items whenever a gap appears where a sold item was.
1830s woven coverlet - Sold!
I like going in during the week to check on things and shuffle items around. If something can be displayed in a better, more visible way, it's easier for shoppers to fall in love with it.

Case in point with two turn-of-the-century quilt tops from Iowa. They were hanging on the small display ladder at the back of the booth, and they were easy to see.

Among the other sold items were a a pair of mid-century doll quilts, a late 19th century quilt with red, yellow and green, a mod looking crocheted blanket and some vintage fabric. Lots of little things, too.

There was a bit of a dry spell in the middle of the month when rains were heavy, but things were rolling as soon as the sun came out. The booth is far more productive than the case, so I will probably make some changes in the case soon.

I don't want things sitting too long, even though the booth yielded enough sales to cover the rent for both the case and booth. The shop was busy the other day when I was there, and I have a feeling summer's going to be good.

There are certain things I will sell through eBay, and I am running an eBay auction this week for a reversible quilt from China. Still time to bid. It's a fascinating piece. Click here to view the auction.

Antique Alley is located in the lower level of the 42nd Street Station, 2000 NE 42nd Avenue in the Hollywood District of Portland. Hours are 10am-6pm Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday and 12-5pm Sunday. For more information, click here.

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  1. Hang something behind the small table and chairs. Put your other small chairs down in their place. People want to see how well they are constructed.