Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Collecting Culture Podcast

Collecting Culture is a new podcast about passionate collectors and the objects they love. The podcast is the work of a brother-sister team: Liz Logan, an art and design journalist based in Brooklyn, New York, and her brother, Andrew, an audio engineer based in Washington, D.C.

Several months ago, when the podcast was in the planning stages, Liz invited me to be a guest. I was honored to be asked, especially when I began to see who some of the other guests were.

I could listen to podcasts with collectors all day long, and it doesn't have to be about quilts. Hopefully, others who love collecting but don't know as much about quilts enjoyed what I had to say. The podcast is Episode 5, it's called "Why '70s Quilts Matter" and it was a lot of fun to speak with Liz about collecting quilts.

It's always funny to listen to a recording of yourself, but I thought the podcast went well. OK, there may have been one or two rambling responses or things I could've explained better. Maybe I'll get a blog post or two out of it. Thank you to Liz and Andy for having me on the show. To listen to the Collecting Culture podcast, click here.

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