Monday, May 15, 2017

Northwest Quilters Show Pictures

"Timber" (Allison Glass pattern) by Susan Cronin-Paris, 2017
The annual Northwest Quilters Show was last weekend. My phone battery was low, but I managed to grab a few photos. Since I'm too busy this week to type out all the information, I took photos of the tags with each of the quilts that caught my eye.

Robin Hill was the Featured Quilter. Her work is marvelous. I loved the Dutch Treat in red and white, and the embroidered quilt with blocks made by her mother was simply precious.

There were many other quilts I wanted to photograph, but my phone battery died. I guess that was OK, I was tired just from walking through the show. Another great show, kudos to the Northwest Quilters!


  1. This post was fantastic! I loved looking at photos of the quilts you chose to photograph. They are all wonderful!

  2. Thanks for posting this Bill. I wasn't able to go to the show. Love your photos.

  3. Lovely quilts thanks for the pics. I enjoyed reading about them as well.

  4. thank you for posting these.. the allisonlass patterned quilt is wonderful. makes me wish i belonged to this guild. guilds around here are for ever stuck with the debbie mumm look. color please!!!