Tuesday, May 23, 2017

more gardening

There were violets growing in the gaps between stones in my back yard path. Originally, moss was planted in those spots, but it never did well there and eventually died.

The violets sprung up in place of the moss. The only thing was the violets were growing a little tall, so I moved several of them over to the side.

Maybe the violets will be happy there, and maybe I will be able to finally rid the area of grass and weeds. It's amazing how those plants show up in my yard, just like magic. It's OK, though. I'm watching a little more closely this year, and healthy enough to enjoy spending time in the garden.


  1. So happy to hear you are healthy enough to enjoy your gardening this Spring. So far, so beautiful! I am thankful that I like weeds as that is all I seem to grow.

  2. That is looking very nice! Almost nothing around the house pleases me as much as working in the garden. You might try sedum tile between the stones??