Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Custom Vans

Did you know you can customize Vans? I discovered this fun option on the Vans website several months ago, and ordered myself a pair around Christmas using a photo of an 1830s quilt top in my collection.

Loved them so much, I had to order some for summer. This time, more than one pair. I decided to play with the "Interacting Pyramids" quilt by Barbara McKie because the design is reminiscent of the iconic Vans' black & white checkerboard, but it's clearly not the same thing.

Hopefully it will make people do a double-take, and start conversations about quilts.

I also ordered a pair with one of the polyester quilt designs, to celebrate my upcoming exhibition at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. The quilt will be on display, and on my feet.

Much temptation to order a third pair to wear the next time I go to Hawaii, but couldn't decide on a design. It should be one of the Hawaiian scrap quilts, then I can just walk into vintage shops, point to my shoes and they'll know what I'm looking for...but I couldn't decide on a design.

It's easy to add your photos to Vans. Just go to the Vans website, click on "Customs" at the top. For men, the classic slip-ons and authentic lace-ups include the option of adding photos. Similar options for women and children.

Look for the "Add Your Own" label next to the shoes, and keep following along with the selections. It should be self-explanatory at that point. Photo files must be from your computer and smaller than 10MB. One disclaimer: you can spend hours and hours playing with designs, so make sure to get everything else done before logging on to the Vans website. Have fun!

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