Friday, May 19, 2017

garden clean-up

The garden is overgrown again. It's been raining a lot, and cooler than normal. Yesterday there was sun. It was a good day for a garden clean-up.

I use an old oil bucket for gathering the pulled weeds. It came with the house.

Oh, what a mess! I did a little gardening last summer, but not so much in the back of the house. Now that I'm feeling a little healthier, I can get more done.

What a mess! You couldn't even see the path before I got started. Even though it's supposed to be a secret garden, it's not very inviting when the weeds are knee high.

Gradually, I began to make some progress. The stone path appeared.

Looks like it's time to throw some more mulch down. The old mulch got packed down, and now the stones are sticking out a bit too much.

There are lots of violets growing around the path where moss was originally planted. I will try to keep some of those and remove all the weeds and grass. There has been plenty of time for the bees to enjoy the dandelions, and plenty of other flowers around.

Today is supposed to be sunny and warmer. I will pull more weeds before the ground dries up.

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