Wednesday, March 1, 2017

King George & cornbread

Another Bicentennial quilt just arrived, and this quirky creation from an eBay seller in Payson, Arizona has everything from King George III to cornbread. What a riot!

Bicentennial 16-Patch, La Canada High School, 1976, 52" x 77"
Of course, one of the things I love most about the quilts of the 1970s is the sense of humor.

The quilt also has information, inscriptions and dates.

The Bicentennial inspired a lot of Americans to try quiltmaking, even school children. I love the whimsical quality of art created by young people.

The quilt has many of the important things in the lives of Americans: a church, the American Eagle, a guitar, blue jeans and a burger.

Some of the images are hard to see from a distance. You have to get up close and look, and I love that about this quilt. And it's got King George and cornbread. A charmer!

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