Wednesday, March 22, 2017

a good trade

pieced quilt, polyester, unknown maker, Kansas, c. 1975, 72" x 86"

Every once in a while, collectors will trade quilts. This wonderful polyester quilt came from Marjorie Childress, who got it from a seller in Kansas. I had one she liked, so we traded. It was a good trade.

I love how the block looks like a sun rising over a mountain. It has to be the sun rising since it's yellow. Wouldn't it be orange if it was setting?

Almost everything about the quilt is polyester, the top and back fabric, the binding and the batting. The yarn ties are either wool or acrylic.

Polyester quilts do not always have polyester backing fabric, so that was a fun detail. The brown polyester coordinates with the brown fabric in the top. Just three colors, but so much impact! I love it. Thanks, Marjorie!


  1. It's an old block called Moon over the Mountain--what a great quilt!

  2. this moon over the mountain reminds me of georgia bonesteel's book from long ago where she included this pattern.

    1. Copywrite 1976. I have her self-published version which I got through Maryland Public Broadcasting. It looks like it was run off on a mimeograph machine.

  3. You can always do the burn test on the ties to see if they melt or burn.....