Saturday, March 25, 2017

Christmas came early

I found this neat little vintage Santa Claus latch hook rug on eBay, and thought it was probably a kit. Most of the latch hook rugs of the time were kits. Sure enough, it was.

It is a Wonder Art Creative Needlecrafts kit, Number 4895 "Santa Claus". I found the kit later in another online auction. It was interesting to see "RYA" on the package. Rya rugs are traditional Scandinavian rugs with long pile, think: shag.

I didn't buy the Santa Claus kit, but it was interesting to find out more about it. If there was a book on these late 20th century latch hook rug kits, I'd buy it.

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  1. Late 60's, I took a Continuing Education class with my Mother for RYA rugs, and also for latch hooking. Sure wish these types of classes were still widely available, rather than having to go to a shop for them. They were held in the schools, in the early evenings.