Friday, March 17, 2017

Coming April 1st!

this is the booth space I will occupy at Antique Alley on April 1st
When I rented a glass display case at Antique Alley this month, it was part of the plan. A case is good for smaller things, breakables, anything valuable. But I have quilts and other things to sell, too. I really wanted a booth, and one is opening up soon. I'm moving in on April 1st.

cute little table and chair set (tea set NFS)
As soon as I started posting pictures of booth items on Facebook, my friends from afar began making requests to buy. Sorry, folks! Right now I need the eye candy in the booth. Eventually I will do more online selling, but cannot manage all the logistics of shipping right now.

framed sampler found at a Goodwill
The benefit of working with a shop is the ease of having people walking in off the street, seeing and buying things on the spot. The shop manages the money. They get a small percentage plus monthly rent.

hand-painted wooden cat from El Salvador
At the end of the month, I'd rather receive a check than a bill, so I am trying to sell as much as possible through the shop as I get established. This whole venture is really just another crazy retirement hobby for me, but it serves a purpose. I get to clear out things, and I can keep shopping because I have a way to sell. Anyway, here are a few things I'm planning to the booth!

I picked up this pillow because I think Mom made one of these in the 70s
enthralled with latch-hook rugs lately
another Goodwill find
shaggy Swedish Rya rug
Labyrinth game with stainless steel marbles
Of course, there will be a lot of quilts and other textiles-- blankets, crochet, crewel, latch-hook rugs and every once in a while if I'm really lucky I'll find a Swedish Rya rug. One of the quilts I am hoping to hang for Opening Day is this sweet little Wizard of Oz quilt, but of course people want to buy it right now. I'll have to come up with a Plan B for my booth display.

Antique Alley is located in the lower level of the Hollywood 42nd Street Station, 2000 NE 42nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon. They are open seven days a week: Monday through Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5:30pm, and Sunday 12-5pm. Parking is available in a lot across the street, and the shop has 100 dealers and all kinds of great stuff. I hope you'll plan to stop by. The case is open for business already, and booth April 1st.

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  1. You have a good eye for things! I love shopping thrift stores but my husband would kill me if I brought everything home that I wanted! Sometimes the prices are soooo cheap too! Maybe someday I can set up a shop in an antique mall. I use to sell on Ebay when It was first popular and did really well. Now there are so many people selling, they have changed some of the rules and you have people that don't pay and it became a hassle. Here you don't have to deal with all the problems, you just have to shop and stock your booth! Win-win! Good luck on your new adventure!!!