Sunday, March 19, 2017

Airing of the Quilts - Sally's Quilt

Sally Hass put her whole life story into her quilt, "Celebrating My First 80 Years"
There were two quilt shows yesterday. The first one I went to was the 23rd Airing of the Quilts at the Milwaukie Center. One of my quilts was on display, the magnificent Giant Dahlia. I was happy to be next to friend Gerrie Thompson, whose Steam Punk quilt was simply dazzling.

But the quilt that stopped me in my tracks was "Celebrating My First 80 Years" by Sally Hass.

I'm not afraid to admit I was a little misty eyed when I saw Sally's quilt and read the description. She poured her heart out and put her whole life into the quilt, and I could feel it. I pulled out my phone and took as many pictures as I could.

Before I left, I got the chance to meet Sally and talk with her about her quilt. She told such great stories, and those stories were in the quilt. It was magical moment to kick off the spring quilt shows here in the Portland metro area. The second of the two shows was the Metropolitan Patchwork Society Show. Stay tuned for more about that, and congratulations to the Friends of Milwaukie Center for another wonderful Airing of the Quilts.


  1. Remarkable. I love the idea.

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  3. I've been thinking of making an autobiography quilt. Thanks for sharing this one. Wow, the one in my imagination didn't look nearly as good as this one!