Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Grimm Sale

I stood in line for two hours to get in to the over promoted Grimm sale
Yesterday I went to a sale in Portland. It was for the television show Grimm, and they were selling all the props. Normally, I'd be excited about this type of sale. I enjoyed the show and knew there had to be lots of great stuff. The problem was, they overpromoted it and didn't organize it well. 

three cans from the Grimm sale

They announced the sale on the local news, which made it into a fan event. On Saturday and Sunday there were lines around the block, and people who waited more than three hours didn't get in. That's what happens when you invite more than a million people and let in 250 at a time. Incidentally, no person under 10 years old was allowed in. For safety reasons.

I picked up some wood items. There was also a jar full of weird rubber objects meant to be anatomical specimens, but the jar broke before I could get to the register. There was a line to check out, too. I'm not sure what the people who organized the sale were thinking. Maybe that was the real problem. They weren't thinking. Nevertheless, I persisted.

One of the best props I found was the Andrew Dixon for Mayor banner. The banner was part of the pivotal scene when Dixon was assassinated, leading to Renard's bid for Mayor.

I can't believe nobody grabbed it before I got there! Well, I guess it took a bit of digging, but I was happy to dig. I just wish the sale had been more of a sale and less of a fan event.


  1. Good for you for getting some Grimm items! I love that show, and am sad that it is going to end.

  2. I love the show. It's been fun to see action in familiar locations around town. They've used one house in my neighborhood. I will miss my Friday night viewing.

  3. Ahh I thought about going but thought it might be a bit of a madhouse. Great finds - love the wood pieces!

  4. I have no doubt that it was a crazy event! Looks like you got some good scores though...